Dear Gulya!
Thank you for the wonderful, powerful and beautiful Kiev Class yesterday. There were so many tools and lots of explanations by two languages, I was so busy to write down and do cleaning at the same time. But,  It was tremendously beneficial for me to attend the class like this way.  I have never expected it.  Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in organizing the online seminar! We had a cleaning going on in unique virtual space and it has been as strong and powerful as in conference room during the IZI LLC workshop. The strongest point, to my opinion, is that you do not distract your attention to anything but the class. You are in the comfortable setting of your own home where everything is familiar. I took 100% responsibility for preparation of the virtual space for the seminar. These two days of the class, I have been cleaning,  repeating tools: in the morning when woke up, and when sitting in the virtual classroom near the laptop, and when engaged in household chores during the breaks and in the evening after the seminar. That was my responsibility – through the cleaning to realize my maximum responsibility for the cleaning of the memories. It would be great if such online seminars will be held more and more! (start my cleansing to these events) I love you! I thank you!


I thank the Divine Creator for this wonderful opportunity to cleanse with online space! Even though this seminar called Kiev, the participants were from different countries and each one of us could greed the seminar at home-this is so cool! And the Internet also took part in it-it was probably unique to him too. He never had participated at SITH workshops before! Thank you instructors Mary, Mahayana and Emil! Thank our beloved coordinator and translator Gulya! I thank all students! Thank identity of money, all office equipment, every atom and every molecule that participated in the process! Keep fingers crossed and pray that it was not the last online workshop! It is so convenient! It helps to do my home chores during the breaks for example! It's a pity there is no opportunity to communicate with each other and exchange of experiences and emotions that are simply overwhelmed! My partner is still puzzled and says that I behave not my normal after my "movies" online. Of course, how can a person be normal if he is constantly smiling!


Thank you for organizing the seminar and translation. I was very glad to participate in it.  Thank you. I'm very glad that I can now properly clean. A special hello from my Unihipili (wanted to write for some reason). Thank you. I love you.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the wonderful online seminar! It was great to be at home and clean. I felt peace and calmness. I felt like my Home, my flowers, everything that surrounded me enjoyed the benefits of this powerful seminar cleaning. It seemed like Mary, Mahayana, Emil and Gulya, all the students of this seminar and Divinity came to visit my place. I also had a little miracle. A week before the class I though what would I say to my husband? What to explain him what I am going to do 2 days near computer? Suddenly he got a call from work. They ask him to go for business trip to Saint Petersburg. My husband was happy to go there. He dreamed about going there for a while. And… I was happy to clean and be online and I didn't even have to say a word to him or make up explanations.


Thank you Gulya, Mary, Mahayana, Emil for the online seminar SITH this past weekend. I opened for myself lots of new things. At my first seminar in Astana I was like "Hedgehog in the Fog". This two days gave me opportunity on conscious  level to realize and see everything new. Big bow to all of you for the work you do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I express to you all my immense appreciation and gratitude for the organization of the seminar! I think that you feel how all participant of the training filled with thanks.  I am not young. More and more I had thoughts of how many sins and errors I made in my life. I wondered when I transition how I will be able to stand in front of Divinity with my entire burden.  Suddenly Divinity answered me by leading to Ho’oponopono. He gave me the opportunity to make it right today! I don’t know how long my life will continue on this earth but I have faith and confidence that Divinity will make sure that I have time to clean. Your support to me is truly priceless!  A low bow to you! I love you all!


Hello! I want to share a little story that was after attending an IZI LLC seminar in Moscow. Once I arrived home, our cat would not let me pass. She spun under feet. She hasn’t left me along even for a minute. At first I thought that the animal missed me so much while I was gone. But the cat kept doing what she was doing even after few hours that I even started to get nervous. Suddenly had a thought: maybe the cat wants to learn ho’oponopono.  At the seminar Mary Kohler told how to teach cell phone to clean. I said to the cat: Do you want to learn how to clean? I explained her what to do. In a second after my conversation with a cat, the cat turned around and went to sleep. She was asleep probably 5 or 6 hours. After that, she stopped running after me. Perhaps she was waiting for me to tell her how to clean. I realized that the animal just wanted to learn Ho’oponopono. That is the story!


Dear beloved! With all my heart I want to thank you! I do not know what would have happened to me and my girl if we wouldn’t make it to seminar and your help in cleaning.  I am grateful to all of you and the Divinity for such an opportunity for me and my family. I was worried that I could not get to the workshop, and then worried that the Creator would not allow me. My biggest miracles were the fact that I lived up to this wonderful event, and my health got much better! And now, I hope, my cleaning, due to the training received at the workshop and tools, will be much effective! I bow to Mary Kohler and Marian Kaminitz. Thank you!


Dear Mary Koehler and Marian Kaminitz! This seminar was the best from all the trainings I have ever attended before. I liked each and every detail of the event. Due to shyness (I love my memory of shyness) I couldn’t come and say hi on the brake. I am looking forward to the next seminars. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you for bringing ho’oponopono seminar to Russia! To me what I have learned and understood at seminar is priceless! I hope it is not the last seminar and we will have them more and more over again. I will be happy to help with organizing the training in Vladivostok if Divinity permits. I wish you, your family, relatives and ancestors peace beyond understanding. POI


Aloha my friends! I would like to express my emotions associated with visiting the most amazing events in my life seminar in Moscow!! The event, have changed my view of life!! 3 months after the workshop, my life changed so that it is now hard to recognize! Everything happens so smoothly that it is very like a miracle! This is really the fastest way to reanimate your life! God bless the people who gave us the Ho’oponopono and those who have taken the courage to organize it in Russia))) Ho’oponopono is a greeting from the fifth dimension! Dimension in which people live, have abilities beyond comprehension! Ho’oponopono really pushing the boundaries of consciousness, awakens the awareness in us and sixth sense! It completely transforms our existence + powerful karmic cleansing! I look forward to the next workshop! Love and thanks!


ALOHA FRIENDS , WE WERE AT THE WORKSHOP with my daughters Eve . SHE WAS a full participant at the seminars, read ALONG WITH EVERYONE, listen to all and continuing practice AT HOME. IT MAKES ME very happy. Seminar clarified many aspects of the practice and now I can confidently say that the seminar IS A NECESSARY STEP TO TAKE IF YOU ARE IN HO’OPONOPONO BECAUSE YOU WILL GET THE PRACTICE WITH YOUR CONSIOUS.  I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING HO’OPONOPONO for 2 YEARS prior to seminar as best as I could and sure that everything was fine, but when I learned at the seminar real practice – it changed something inside of me. Barriers for the cleaning are gone (or maybe just cleared), now the process is quite easy and very smooth. During the seminar I felt very strongly that something unusual happens during the first day when we read the materials of Morrnah. First I heard all of our voices but at some point I suddenly heard how to our voices joined the chorus of voices and the sound came from somewhere from the top and on from the sides. I thought it was an acoustics at first, but it wasn’t even there to begin with. Then I remembered that the ancestors are present at the seminar as well)) and it's their voices I heard. Apparently they cleaned and cleared with us. The air in the room was like a crystal, and I felt a sense of lightness in the body. This cleansing was incredibly powerful and I even felt it physically)) Right now I am watching how this process unfolds in my life. The next seminar in Russia (I think hopefully it will be) my husband would go, he also wanted very much to be at the seminar. I love and thank you.


I want to share with you something absolutely amazing that is putting me in tears every day since Sunday. I broke my neck in 1997 which initially left me paralyzed from the neck down. I have since had a lot of therapy and obviously walk again!! The last 6 to 7 months, I have had some major problems/issues with my neck and it holding so much stress in and around the injury area. This became very bad especially after I stopped smoking (through HO OHPONOPONO) and the stress/anxiety would hit the area of my broken neck. The pain sometimes so intense that it would feel like the day I broke my neck. I had recently began going to acupuncture to relieve some of the pain…. BUT I still had bouts of the pain throughout my day. I was pretty much told that my posture needed major overhaul/therapy because for the last 15 years, I have walked incorrectly and with bad posture from the broken neck.

While at the class on Sunday, the pain began to bother me. Of course, I was doing HO’OPONOPONO on it, but none the less, it was still beginning to become a bit painful.

As you know, at the end of the day, we were given the demonstration of the balancing exercises. I had to push myself to get up there, but I did and was one of the three individuals who was guided to do a “Live Demonstration”. As I laid down on the sheet, I found that my neck was screaming in pain and my mobility to move it to the side was not good. I proceeded to listen to Mary’s instructions while Ihaleakala sat crossed legged(Indian style) at my head. He said nothing, but one word “Perfect” when I was doing “Exercise 2”. When finished I got up and knew something was different, I just did not know exactly what. My friend looked at me and said “Does Your Neck Feel Better?” (I had never mentioned to her that I was in pain). I looked at her and said YES, it does.

Still not giving much thought to “No Pain” because I would have relief of pain at times so for the pain to just go away was not anything unusual. And for the pain to come rushing back was not unusual either. As of Today, I have been pain free from my neck since the exercise which is amazing, BUT that is just the beginning!!!!!!

I COMPLETELY WALK DIFFERENTLY AND MY POSTURE IS HOW IT WAS BEFORE I BROKE MY NECK. I am flooded with tears everyday over this as it sinks in as to what has really transpired here. I have no hunch over anymore with my neck bending over as I walk. This is unbelievable, but believable at the same time….

As we spoke at the workshop, I have only been exposed to Metaphysics since last July and introduced to HO’OPONOPONO in early April of this year. I have had many many many wonderful things transpire in my life. It just goes on and on and on and on…… BUT my neck is absolutely amazing and a COMPLETE MIRICLE………. I have been personally touched and sprinkled with the magical blessings of You, Mary and Ihaleakala!!!

I NOW walk PERFECT!!! And NO pain………………… I feel it, I felt it, I see it!!!

Thank you, I love you!!


I took a Ho’oponopono weekend training on a whim because it felt like the right thing to do. I started practicing Ho’oponopono immediately after the training ended. Two months later I heard Inspiration say that it was ok to quit my corporate job and start a flower shop. I was so ready and happy to quit my job but starting flower business from scratch? I figured everyone would think I was crazy! But as I was leaving my well paying secure job in San Francisco, my boss said, “Wow that’s great what you are doing. I wish I could do that”.


I did not tell anyone that this had never actually been a dream of mine, that I had no retail experience and oh by the way no experience in the floral industry! With my business degree and small savings I found a space in which to create from scratch a floral shop. Within weeks of opening the shop, I got comments from clients like, “I don’t want to leave this shop. It feels so good to be in here,” and “you are so lucky to be working with flowers. Were you trained in Paris?”

I would laugh and think to myself how can I explain to them that I have NO training or background in this business. I was still just trying to learn the names of all the flowers! My secret to the floral business was to clean with Ho’oponopono before, during and after the shop closed.

I would clean on the way to the San Francisco flower market. I found that I did not need a list of flowers to purchase, that the flowers would actually tell me which ones were to come back to the shop with me. A few times I questioned this when I started to doubt that I really needed to purchase a certain type of flower. Every single time this happened by that same afternoon the phone would ring for an order of that exact flower.

If I cleaned the flowers would talk to me in different ways. Sometimes I could taste the different colors and knew immediately that I was working with Inspiration. Sometimes I would step back from a grand floral arrangement that I had just designed and look at it in amazement wondering who made it because I certainly didn’t know how to do that sort of thing. When my hands would take off working away quite quickly, I knew Inspiration was doing the work. I just tried to keep my thoughts quiet and clean so that I would not get in the way of Divinity’s work.

Life is so easy if you just let go and trust that Divinity will guide you along the right path. It is easier said than done. I still work every moment of everyday on letting go and trusting even after all the wonderful things that the I has given to me. Amazing how hard we make life and yet how simple life can be!


Last year we participated in the Ho’oponopono seminars both in Denmark and Holland. I want to share what has happened afterwards. I was having trouble in my work and I was working on that also at the seminars and discussed with Hew Len and the tension was increasing at work but here is was has happened afterwards:

I was returning from Frankfurt with a friend of mine to Turkey after a two day business trip and we were at the gate to the airplane with our economy class tickets but suddenly an airline personal came to us and said that he will upgrade us to business class and gave us two new tickets saying that the plane was full. I took my place on one side of the row and my friend took the seat at the opposite side. Normally we ask to the person next to us to change places in order to sit together with my friend but in this case neither of us attempted for that and then a guy came next to me who is a well known businessman in Turkey and we talked with him during the flight and when we arrived as both of us enjoyed the chat he gave his card and told me to call him. I called him some time later and we started meeting and after two meetings he talked me about his new business project about electric vehicle production and sales which is a very interesting subject for me and offered me the managing position of that project and guess what I have been working in this new business for the last three months and although there are challenges of new businesses like this, I am so happy that a miracle kind of thing happened in my life when I was so desperate about work and I believe it is related to my cleaning with Ho’oponopono.