Гуля Кекалике ПоликоффGULYA KEKAULIKE POLIKOFF “If you want to experience miracles in your life – clean!”, – says Gulya. Being very analytical with two Master Degrees in Psychology and an MBA it took quite some time for her to realize that analysis is leading nowhere and to live at Peace is the way of life. She had great results by applying Ho’oponopono in health, relationships with family and colleagues, business matters, unhappy clients and even with property sales! Gulya is a living encyclopedia of stories on how Ho’oponopono changed her life and people around her. She appreciates Morrnah’s teaching that she learned from Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. and Mary Koehler and keeps cleaning to be one with the Divine – memory free. Since 2013 she has started coordinate and to teach classes in Former Soviet Union area (Russia, Ukraine Kazakhstan, Latvia), Bulgaria and Israel. In 2014 she coordinated the first ever SITH® class live online.


DANIELA NIKOLOVA – “To overcome my Ego and to take 100% responsibility, acknowledging- I Am behind the situation- I have to clean it”- this was the hardest confession in my life”- says Daniela. She has over 28 years experience as Business Manager. She had worked for big international companies. Daniela Nikolova has a lot of specializations in Management and Marketing areas with long experience in her work and the of training people.

Thanks to practicing the Hooponopono, Daniela Nikolova managed to pass through a lot of difficult life situations and she shares, that manyof them finished good well. Daniela feels happy, that the cleaning leads her on the right way of development and the meeting of the right people and teachers. She is very grateful to her first teachers in Ho’oponopono practice – Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff, Marvin Grino, Mary Koehler, Mahayana Dugast, and Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, to the radio broadcasts with Kamaile Rafaelovich, to Kahuna Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona,  for the incredible Gift to make the practice Ho’oponopono accessible.

In 2015, Daniela was among the organizers of the first IZI LLC seminar for Bulgaria. She feels inspired to share her experience with as many people as possible.